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its been one of those days...

so today was one of those days that just wouldn't end. i woke up around 6:30 but still managed to be 10 minutes late to school. when i got into government they were having a big debate over the terri shaivo/living will/feeding tube issue. and of course, being one to speak my mind and having alot of thoughts on the issue, of course i had a lot to say. duh. yea...so then in art we worked on that whole "ossilating" art thing. it's realllly tedious and i'm about ready to tear it up and call it a day :-) . in choir (both classes) my teacher decided to drill some new song into our head about 39739587529 times. lame...in science we watched a video on planarians...wow. 30 minutes of watching amoebas float around with techno beats in the background. rock. so then we just talked our teacher into going outside and playing frisbee again. in math we took the 4th quiz this week which i made yet another 100 on. yess. and then in 7th i fell asleep again ha. after school i had ensemble practice then i was suppose to head to the hospital to see my uncle who had another heart attack but turns out he was fine. yay! went to the mall with mom to get my grad outfit...and remembered how much i despise shopping. especially with my mom. i was suppose to head out to harvest but my mom wouldnt let me today so i came home, downloaded even more music onto my new laptop that my stepdad gave me yesterday *gasp* and then fell asleep. i missed a few calls from jeremy b/c of it. oh well. talked ot alana for a while then got on here...i shall update again when i have more interesting things to update with. later kids. love you all. <3
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