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spring break = dead

ok, so spring break is over. damn. and i was just starting to have a blast. a week and two days just isnt long enough!! but its ok, cuz ive missed seeing my crazy friends who actually had a life during break. to fill you in about this weekend: yesterday i did stuff around the house for my mom again and later that afternoon i went over to my aunts house to celebrate easter/my cousins 15th bday. it was awesome...i love spending time with family. especially since i havent seen them in a while. afterwards i took my brother home and met up with eric and jeremy at the mall then we went to the skatepark. omg i missed jeremy like whoa. we left the skatepark early and went to his house. his dad had made dinner so i ate with them and hung out. then we went back to my house where he met my brother and we goofed off til i had to take him home. he fell asleep on the way there. it was sweet. he makes me one very happy autumn. today i got up early and made a dessert to take to my grammas for easter. i dressed up...wore a skirt which i never do, and we went out to eat and visited family. it started raining so we went back to grammas house. we visited a bit then i went to jeremys house where he made fun of the fact im terrified of storms and feet. (note to jeremy: lol, pleaaassse don't ever stick them in my face again. you promised <3). we hung out a while but i had to leave early cuz it was about to start storming. i picked up mybrother then went home. gaah i drove from toney to huntsville...took me half an hour cuz the rain was coming so hard i couldnt see. but i made it home in time to have jeremy call me. yay im soo happy. mhmm...but now im going to go do hw ive put off for a week haha love you all. stay rad and have an awesome *ugh* week back at school <3 autumn
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