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i wanted you to know...my heart remains with you

so today i woke up early and met up with taylor and alicia for breakfast at ihop. stephanie couldn't make it because she was sick, tyler worked, and we never could catch john. but it was fun with the three of us. afterwards i just drove around aimlessly for a while just thinking about a lot of things that have been on my mind. i got home somewhere around 10 and cleaned out my car a bit and then my mom came home with my brother from his doctor appointment. around 11-ish or so, we all left for birmingham and stayed there all day. we ate at the cheesecake factory which was pretty good and my mom and i did a lot of shopping for my graduation outfit. it really sucks having to buy a whole new outfit. it has to be aa skirt or dress thats all white or light colors. too bad i dont own anything white or light colored, especially dressy stuff haha. i found a dress that'd be perfect but it was like $118 so i told myself i'd make my own dress if i had to haha. we looked around at gift ideas, too. i got 2 new cds while there, which made me happy. we stayed in b'ham til around 5 or so then came home. on the way back, jeremy called me. arghh i miss him soo much. i finally get to see him tomorrow after i do the birthday thing with the family. tonight after i got hoem i ran to the store for my parents to pick up some stuff and washed clothes and finished my death cab shirt. it makes me happy. maybe one of these days i'll post pics and include that in them. but yea, im done here. <3 you all. hope you have an awesome rest of the weekend! <3 autumn
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