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you are beautiful but you don't mean a thing to me
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Monday, September 26th, 2005
12:56 am
if you really wanna know whats going on....
then check this out:


^^go there. i like xanga better anyway.<3

Current Mood: drained
Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
4:14 pm
today was alright. it was awards day...i got two: one for most outstanding geometry student and a certificate for maintaining an a/b average. we didn't do much at school. after school i was suppose to have practice but i was still in shock from the news that my grammas house burnt down...why is everything happening this week? i love you all very much. hope you're week is going well. <3

Current Mood: shocked
Monday, April 4th, 2005
11:23 pm
update about this weekend in bulleted form cuz i'm too lazy to write details:

- late to school; got bitched at
- a lot of talk/rumors/gossip about jennifer
- got so overwhelmed about jennifer that i broke down in class and got bitched at again for leaving.
- practice after school til 415 which sucked...
- met up with jeremy/eric/pete/jameson at world conspiracy
- went to the mall with the guys
- turned in a few more job applications
- saw approximatley 947694376498 people i know
- got bitched at by some fat security guard
- skating at hobby lobby
- took jeremy home and then crashed...

- worked from 6:30-9:30 at applebee's
- went to the mall/old navy with russell
- went home and got pretty then went to jeremy's
- met up with eric at the skate park
- went to jennifer's visitation
- completely broke down at the visitation...
- met back up with eric/jeremy
- got a little mad, so i went home
- met back up with eric/jeremy
- went to the mall...again...
- met up with friends at wendys
- went to some guys house i didn't know where some strange guy who obviously liked my high heels and my name was obviously a little tipsy
- had to take alana back to her car then took jeremy home
- nearly fell asleep on the drive to jeremy's so i slept til 2 (accidently)
- parents called at 2:15 and told me to get home
- forgot to reset clocks...it was really 3:30 when i got home...oops
- got bitched at...again...
- got my car keys taken away until prom

- slept all day. literally.

all in all this weekend wasn't that hot. i'm happy bout hanging out with friends and jeremy but jennifer's funeral, lack of car, and other things have really gotten to me. result: crying more than i have ever cried before in a 3 day time frame. oh well...life goes on. thanks for everyone who's been there for me no matter what. you know who you are. <3

RIP: Jennifer Michelle Miller
April 12, 1988 - March 31, 2005

Jeremy, i love you no matter what. <3

sorry for any unnecessary problems i've caused

Current Mood: numb
Thursday, March 31st, 2005
10:28 pm
its been one of those days...
so today was one of those days that just wouldn't end. i woke up around 6:30 but still managed to be 10 minutes late to school. when i got into government they were having a big debate over the terri shaivo/living will/feeding tube issue. and of course, being one to speak my mind and having alot of thoughts on the issue, of course i had a lot to say. duh. yea...so then in art we worked on that whole "ossilating" art thing. it's realllly tedious and i'm about ready to tear it up and call it a day :-) . in choir (both classes) my teacher decided to drill some new song into our head about 39739587529 times. lame...in science we watched a video on planarians...wow. 30 minutes of watching amoebas float around with techno beats in the background. rock. so then we just talked our teacher into going outside and playing frisbee again. in math we took the 4th quiz this week which i made yet another 100 on. yess. and then in 7th i fell asleep again ha. after school i had ensemble practice then i was suppose to head to the hospital to see my uncle who had another heart attack but turns out he was fine. yay! went to the mall with mom to get my grad outfit...and remembered how much i despise shopping. especially with my mom. i was suppose to head out to harvest but my mom wouldnt let me today so i came home, downloaded even more music onto my new laptop that my stepdad gave me yesterday *gasp* and then fell asleep. i missed a few calls from jeremy b/c of it. oh well. talked ot alana for a while then got on here...i shall update again when i have more interesting things to update with. later kids. love you all. <3

Current Mood: blah
Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
8:29 pm
today was crazy like whoa. i got to school a little late and got bitched out by coach farless. i wore a skirt today for the first time in like 235387653287 years. i got told i looked "hott" "cute" and something about looking like an 80's model hahaha. so much for denim skirts, ya? so the rest of my day was alright. we didnt really do much besides a test in math. the teacher said sinde i got a 100 on the past 2 tests that im exempted from the next one :-D yay for autumn. and in english we got assigned the canterbury tales...we have to memorize it. ya, none of you understand how awful that is unless you, too, are a senior or have already graduated. lol for all those who dont know, its in old english which is almost impossible to speak haha. after school i had practice til 5 which went well. the new girls did really well for their first day. there were 22 of them!! i was happy. anywho...after that i went home and changed out of my reject 80's outfit and then went to the mall to buy my graduation outfit. and they didnt have it. damn mall. soo i met up with jeremy and eric and some kid whose name i forgot again and we went offroading in erocks truck and my poor pathetic ford escort which i let jeremy drive. eric kicked my butt like whoa. but then once eric and forgotten-name-kid got in my car, jeremy soon found out how much fun it is to throw all three of us around when he puts in in reverse and does backward 360's. yea...front-wheel drives have major power when it comes to that. i hung out with them then i had to go home and here i am now. thats about it...im gonna head off to bed soon. ive been realllly tired lately. but i will update soon <3 you all and hope you are having a good week <3 autumn

Current Mood: tired
Sunday, March 27th, 2005
10:51 pm
spring break = dead
ok, so spring break is over. damn. and i was just starting to have a blast. a week and two days just isnt long enough!! but its ok, cuz ive missed seeing my crazy friends who actually had a life during break. to fill you in about this weekend: yesterday i did stuff around the house for my mom again and later that afternoon i went over to my aunts house to celebrate easter/my cousins 15th bday. it was awesome...i love spending time with family. especially since i havent seen them in a while. afterwards i took my brother home and met up with eric and jeremy at the mall then we went to the skatepark. omg i missed jeremy like whoa. we left the skatepark early and went to his house. his dad had made dinner so i ate with them and hung out. then we went back to my house where he met my brother and we goofed off til i had to take him home. he fell asleep on the way there. it was sweet. he makes me one very happy autumn. today i got up early and made a dessert to take to my grammas for easter. i dressed up...wore a skirt which i never do, and we went out to eat and visited family. it started raining so we went back to grammas house. we visited a bit then i went to jeremys house where he made fun of the fact im terrified of storms and feet. (note to jeremy: lol, pleaaassse don't ever stick them in my face again. you promised <3). we hung out a while but i had to leave early cuz it was about to start storming. i picked up mybrother then went home. gaah i drove from toney to huntsville...took me half an hour cuz the rain was coming so hard i couldnt see. but i made it home in time to have jeremy call me. yay im soo happy. mhmm...but now im going to go do hw ive put off for a week haha love you all. stay rad and have an awesome *ugh* week back at school <3 autumn

Current Mood: crazy
Friday, March 25th, 2005
8:54 pm
i wanted you to know...my heart remains with you
so today i woke up early and met up with taylor and alicia for breakfast at ihop. stephanie couldn't make it because she was sick, tyler worked, and we never could catch john. but it was fun with the three of us. afterwards i just drove around aimlessly for a while just thinking about a lot of things that have been on my mind. i got home somewhere around 10 and cleaned out my car a bit and then my mom came home with my brother from his doctor appointment. around 11-ish or so, we all left for birmingham and stayed there all day. we ate at the cheesecake factory which was pretty good and my mom and i did a lot of shopping for my graduation outfit. it really sucks having to buy a whole new outfit. it has to be aa skirt or dress thats all white or light colors. too bad i dont own anything white or light colored, especially dressy stuff haha. i found a dress that'd be perfect but it was like $118 so i told myself i'd make my own dress if i had to haha. we looked around at gift ideas, too. i got 2 new cds while there, which made me happy. we stayed in b'ham til around 5 or so then came home. on the way back, jeremy called me. arghh i miss him soo much. i finally get to see him tomorrow after i do the birthday thing with the family. tonight after i got hoem i ran to the store for my parents to pick up some stuff and washed clothes and finished my death cab shirt. it makes me happy. maybe one of these days i'll post pics and include that in them. but yea, im done here. <3 you all. hope you have an awesome rest of the weekend! <3 autumn

Current Mood: sleepy
1:33 am
they don't love you like i love you
ok, so some friends of mine (*cough*alana *cough*chris) wanted me to join this a loong time ago cuz they say its soo much better than what i've been using (xanga: http://www.xanga.com/xautumnxwrenx if you wanna check it out.). so resulting from boredom, i made myself a lj. ha watch me not even use this but this one time. i'll resort back to xanga. but yea, not much has been going on that soo important that i need to put it on here. i'm on spring break right now and it's definitley not as rockin as last years. i've spent a lot of time at home with my family which can be cool. my brother got home this weekend from talladega and i haven't seen him in a while. he's the one that graduated from alabama institute of the blind down there and now he's goign to some tech school learning about computer engineering. he's so excited and i'm so proud of him. its amazing how much he's accomplished. my mom's been sick so i've been taking care of her, as well. most of my friends are out of town for break, including jeremy who went to memphis for a week. its been the longest week ever. i miss him like whoa. some of my friends are still in town, and i've had plans to do stuff with them but i havent been feeling well and im busy around the house 24/7. i hung out with jessica, steph, and taylor monday. jessica dyed my hair and then wednsday i cut it. it's so rad. i <3 it. other than helping out and going crazy with the hair, this weeks consisted of graduation clothes and prom dress shopping. prom's next month and i need a dress. i wanna look hot for once. its my senior prom and i wanna have a blast. and then theres graduation...omg its so soon! im so nervous/excited/anxious/happy/sad lol its gonna rock tho. you should all come! may 19th at 7:30 at the vbc; and if you cnt make it to the actual ceremony we should so party hard afterwards. alright, so much for my first entry. i'm so tired and tomorrow i'm going to nashville for the day then do my dads so i better crash. later kids. stay rad <3

Current Mood: exhausted
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